In Too Deep Testo

Testo In Too Deep

Nigga in too deep

[Hook x2:]
I'm in too deep to my knee in this shit [x2]
I'm in too deep, said I'm deep in these streets
I'm in too deep

[Verse 1: D. Loc]
Sitting here talking to my brother
About this that and the other
Like is it right that we gang bang?
Is there a right way to do the wrong thing? (No)
Standing on the outside looking in
The more I push away, the more I'm pulled in
[?] don't give a fuck about me
But it wouldn't be the same without me
I use to get good grades
Now I'm in the hood taking fades
I was born and then I was sworn in it
Now I'm in over my head, I can't see the war ending
Is it more because [?]
Praying to the Lord, sinning, but is he listening? (Yeah, he listening)
At night, I see [?] in my sleep
Snuck an [?] man, I'm in too deep


[Verse 2: TeeCee4800]
I ain't g'on lie, think I was born in this lifestyle
My mom and pops too young and I was living wild
Taught back then to get a Smith
She didn't want me to bang, but it is what it is
At a young age, still never slippin'
Could've took the right route, instead, I started Crippin'
Me and Smooth Marley Blue on that block
Selling rocks on that block
Fuck the cops [?]
We got Glocks when it's hot
Down the street was my little nigga, Infant
Swear to god we miss him, all my nigga had was vision
My big bro TC been down since like '04
If it's so real in these streets, I don't know 'em no more (I don't know 'em!)
Gotta keep a strap in these streets
Staying loyal in these streets when I'm in too deep
At nights, I can't sleep
Swear to God, I can't think
Ain't never gonna stop screaming, "Free TC!"