Djinn Testo

Testo Djinn

The Outer-Deamons, swarming all around, yet within us they're found
Like blood and semen, the gifts of life and death, which mold and mend the flesh
Imprisoned angels, wings drip with the inks of night, captive in their fables of light
The three triangles, the pyramids of space and time, allow our stars to align

Prophesied watchers, illustrating a new eons birth
Draw down the moon to the earth
The shadow stalkers, dominion of obsidian flame, with spell and sword we maim

The smokeless fire, guide me through the chaos beyond, drink deep the night-wells of dawn
Let us transpire, in the kingdom of twilight truths
The tongue of tidings and muse

Hokhmah, grant me, so I may never wish again
Binah, enchant me, so I may never need again
My soul is burning south from the plains of Abraham
Ayin, grant me, so I may never wish again