Love Deadly Love Testo

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Testo Love Deadly Love

A greyhound bus weaves its way across town
I'm sitting here thinking
Never thought I could be brought down
And low yes I'm sinking

(1) Bet on a wild one, I got stitched
Caught up in a fight
I was dreaming, dreaming, oh I saw you last night
(I got a) 4 by 8 on Riker's Yard
8 to 15 I'm doin' hard
For you and your lover
Shot through the head
Air conditioning lead

The honeymoon was over
With the telephone bill
Yes you've been tumbled
With your fingers in the till
The Chelsea Hotel with a private line
Now it's payback time

(2) Sha la la la I can't let you go
It's not over till it's over, no
Sha la la la I can't set you free
Oh no can't let go
'Cause I put you right above
Love deadly love
Love deadly love

Through the shadows of my backyard
Now brother I'm leaving a calling card
This mission tonight
Feels so right Mr. D.O.A.
Some they can take it and some lie down
Some just wear that thorny crown
Like a halo round the head
Oh now you're better off dead

(2) Repeat


(2) Repeat

There's a visit and one phone call
And sometimes a stroll
If I'm straight in five years
Maybe remission or parole

(1) Repeat

Five card stud that's your game
I'll cut stack and lose it's all the same
You could never say no never say no no no no

Love deadly love, love deadly love
Love deadly love, love deadly love
Love deadly love, love deadly love