June, Summer, Rose Testo

Testo June, Summer, Rose

I once knew a girl named june
and one july she waved goodbye.
i remember finding her curled up on an old box-spring.
she said, "i'm gonna make mistakes. i just hope. i just hope you notice."

i once spoke to a girl named summer
and one fall she stood so tall.
she found some confidence and some wings and she, she flew away.
and she said, "you can't hold me down any longer."
what a beautiful song it was.

i once loved a girl named rose.
and one sunny day she began to wither
so she took a dip in the pool, felt restored.
she said, "i hate these thorns."
so she cried, "one day i'll be beautiful and one day you'll love me."
she said, "one day you'll love me,"
but i, i already did