Keep The Wolves Away Testo

Testo Keep The Wolves Away

Took my first breath, where muddy brasses, spills into the gulf of Mexico,
Where the skyline’s coloured by chemical plants, t’put bread on the table of the working man,
Where the working man does his best to provide, safety and shelter for kids and wife,
Given little love n soul every day , making over time to keep the wolves away.

Well I was barely thirteen when a company man, tried to dig my daddy’s grave,
It happened on a French owned tanker ship, spilling poison in the Galveston Bay
Where the liquid fire filled his lungs and his eyes, silenced, in a mode of cries
Cold and the grip of death stinging pain, he fought like hell to keep the wolves away.

For the next few years dad was sick as a dog, but he made a recovery just despite the odds
Settlemen came and we moved out of town, where the sky isn’t heavy with refinery clouds
Yeah he’s still alive he’s doing good he’s in his fifties, but the moneys running out, n he’s pinching for pennies
So goin’ for broke with every song I’ve made, ‘cos now it’s my turn to keep the wolves away.