Moon Shot Testo

Testo Moon Shot

[Verse 1: Issa Gold]
Delivered the messages like a phone that rang
These niggas call me the Leopard Shepherd the young Wu Tang
Now, let's get lit! Smoking proper when I come to light the shit
And then you're pissed, cause I got like 80 niggas on my list
And we smokin' of the [?] my weed smoke louder than the [?]
That fucking bass is super dumping even louder when you trip
Issa I live in, my team G inside sippin'
Get me too high chillin, you know my team top [?]
[Verse 2: AK]
(I) Know you wonder how AK ain't sergeant to the game
Know our target know my lane
Hold her hard to spit the phrase
Know we move out to the west, but it's forever Beast Coast Gang
Left side is just where I hang, also where I blow the stain
And I wake up everyday from my [?]
Still stuck in the shame, nigga watch [?]