Saint Paul Testo

Testo Saint Paul

Momma always told me, "Be careful with who you trust''
Now I'm stuck in a dilemma, I thought you was one of us
I'm fucking with the winners, you niggas get left in dust
Ain't no time to be pretending, young nigga, do what I want
Some portray the greatest but lately been imitating
I ain't hating, get your paper, but the best only the savior
Leopard Shepherd on my Adolf, got these rappers gone AWOL
Appetitus set for chaos, if they play us
Plan it in my layer, this my planet I'm the heir
Any challenge I prepare, turn my talent to a spear
Mark my calendar this year, I turn to cannibal beware
Yea, I turn to cannibal beware
Lose my sanity so casually, caries be full of casualties
Can it, if you cannot speak, nothing no less than masterpiece
I do not exist
Uh, I'm just the soul beneath the skin
Uh, and I done lost so many friends, so much fucking with syringe
I be bumping that Solange, thinking, ''Will we meet again?''
Going harder at my job, how I display my revenge
Nowadays be living large, whip the Beamer or the Benz

I fear for thee living so casually
It's so far from all that

Carving my name in the Earth's core
Built a legacy out the pain, my inner core like Thor
Talked to millions Kelly Kapoor
Underrated like Andy Stone
But I'm on they necks just like cologne
To come properly seek the throne
What's the discrepancy, raising up the youth on command
Like open sesame, don't discriminate
I don't split up the people separately
Different flavors working together to make the recipe
That's how you blend the cultures
Going over Hazdur, assassin fly like a vulture
See me chasing bread, but I'm keeping my heart Kosher
Walked in penny loafers, now pushing the Tesla Roadster
Real meaning of glow up, the sun ain't never slow up
Uh, showing niggas to grind
How you could manifest a castle from out of your mind
How you could switch over your path if your life is in crime
How you could put down any substance that's dimming your shine
I stood in the rain drops, sun came in the same spot
Niggas running out of time, we looking at the same watch
Nigga I remain hot
Whether cold air is in the building
I'm delivering Sun on Earth
I push this thermostat to limits

I used to think, sky seemed hard to reach
But stars shine anyway to feeling closer