Bleed Me Testo

Testo Bleed Me

Here is my past, so blind me!
So I don't need to see.
Here is my present, so bleed me!
That can be done to me.
Here in my future, you curse me!
So I don't have to live with it.
Attacking me, taking my last breath will not...
Bring me to my death

[Solo: E. Belmar]

Can bleed me dry!
Come back alive!
Can bleed me dry!

Here is what I was, try to take it
Cause I'm no longer blind to this
Here is my will, try to rape it
That could be within your dream

Bleed me!

An empty shell, no more to take
A roar still burns, within me!
Here is my last wish, growing inside of me
For the world to see!
I was a victim, now standing on my own
For I'm reborn, still battling on
Here was my defeat, turned into victory!
For I burn like fire, so burn!

[Solo: C. Illianes]