Sirens Testo

Testo Sirens

I've seen it all before but this time.
I'm leaving you a bloody mess.
I kissed you gently I prayed you'd never live another day.

You satisfied my need to hold
You one last time.
And I don't think this was right.
You were right I can't be wrong.
So stop breathing.
Now you tear me apart.
And the sirens keep on wailing.
Down around me again.
And just know this never helped me out.

So imagine how I feel now you're gone for good.
Your soul cannot be saved.
Remember all the kisses.
Remember the pain we said.
We'd make it thru someday.

I'm leaving you to not be found.
If I cant have you no one can.

Burn in your wreck I swear.
I'll stab you to death.
You know I live on the edge.
Not far from falling.

Now you see me all too clearly.
Goodbye sweetie Now I'm leaving.
This is what you get for what you did to me.
The boys are going crazy.