Bird 1 Testo

Testo Bird 1

Bat bit and ten (?)
White stick with a red light
Floats past her on the right
White stick on the rock
Roping in the wind
Are you hungry?

Do you know what to eat
Floating in the blue
I hear you your voice
It comes out above my head
Close to you, close to you

There is one bird in my house
She said you woke up from a dream
He heard Mama Cass
He felt better if I would
have known (those) things
It damped his mood for a second
Then he remembered where he was
He regained his perspective
That felt a
Lot better

It gets much better
He laid down on his bed
With the front door open
And the sunlight
flooding into the room
He smelt tire
He laid back listening to a fly

He saw washing hanging
In the sun
He caught a fleeting
glimpse of a man
moving uphill
pursued by a bus
He saw a white church with a
Three blue-domed roof
A crucifix on the top
And an ant walked
Along the edge of his book
He heard another bell
And a (braying mustache(?))
And a moped started up
Sounding like a chainsaw
of tiny firecrackers
And he smelled tire again
A fly came dim
Along the shaft of sunlight
Coming through the open door
He watched it cross the room
And get halfway and then it
Turned around and left, he laughed

There is one bird in my house