Jumbo Testo

Testo Jumbo

- Brother there's a little sale on, uh, vests at, uh, Walmart?
...nine dollar.

- Oh yeah?

- eight some, yeah...nice little vest, light.

(hammer pounding)


i need sugar i need a little watersugar
i get thoughts about you and the night it wants me
like a little lost child
locked in a safe place
lookin out the window
the dark move fast past
the window
the dark on the otherside of
the locked door


my thumb's on a tetris keyring moving in brilliant timing
you pick up the phone
and i'm imagining


tiny wires in her ears
(slide into the city)
tiny wires in her ears
(slide into the city


- expected early in the mornin'

rising in the morning stopped to you (beneath the feet of the city)
you disconnect from me
when you're gone you take your century

telephone breath between us the whole world is between us
only these wires
dust between the wires
and the green grass

in the distance
i am your tourist

- expected early in the mornin'

moving in brilliant timing...

- i search for this spot then find you fellas hangin around at the same
stump...and you're right there with 'em

- well, i've never fished here, but i caught beaucoup fish in reverend

- i never did catch fish here

- beaucoup fish in reverend burton

i need sugar...
- expected early in the mornin'
you disconnect from me...