Jaks Testo

Testo Jaks

I aint goin to work today yea why not? cuz id rather work on breakin my own bones with some style ya know Go 45 M.P.H Go down hill on a skate Theres a Code that ya better know and there's A style & thats to skate We skate in packs our flag is Jaks theres always time to race only a fool has a pool and keeps it full only a trader wont trade his pools [chorus] There i am skatin' solo down 9th Ave. A couple bikers pull up one on each side theyre wavin back and forth they try to lock me in and here comes a bus these scumbags want me dead i know they want my head A jak pulls up, pulls a drumstick out of his pocket sticks it in the spokes, and the biker slams dont laugh cuz he was a jak we gotta go