Break The Silence Testo

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Testo Break The Silence

Whispering your name.

Soft and almost unidentified.

Trying to ease my mind,

yet, sufficating like air

Stuck inside my throat...

The words just keep on changing,

and dancing in front of my eyes

I want to sink into an endless sleep,

but insomnia is keeping me alive

I am afraid my tears will break the silence.

I'm tired of crying,

tired of dying inside

I'm getting used to the way it feels.

Numb from up my shoulders

And even though i know it's just a state of mind,

I'll be waiting 'til it's over.

I am afraid my tears will break the silence

I'm tired of crying

So tired of dying inside

Walking in the rain

Wash away the pain

I'm hiding...

I'm trying to eat,

but my plate just seems so empty

I'm trying to drink,

from a glass that holds no wine

I'm trying to speak,

but the words just have no meaning

You took them all from me

I am walking in the rain, to wash away the pain, I can't figure out why, this time just won't go by.

All I needed was some peace of mind, I sing this lullaby and I cry...