Unglued Testo

Testo Unglued

I forced myself in the corner
with the trifle and the weak
with out a harness or a ladder to
retrieve me from the meek
I got familiar with my eyelids
cause that's all I chose to see
I got addicted to my solitude
like it was methamphetamines
I lost sleep over lost affection
I lost innocences and youth
I lost ability to reason
and with that I lost some screws
I lost fortitude and solace
and trust in your mistruths
I lost seven pounds in seven hours
and I think I came unglued
I think you'd speak so sincerely
that I believe your lies
I think you'd laugh indescretly
if I called you up and cried
I think you'd beat me into submission
and slaughter me alive
I think you'd stuff my head
and display it on your wall with pride