Heirloom Testo

Testo Heirloom

The decline is getting steeper
The bottle is looking better
Compounded by all the pressure
I sit here, I wonder
Is this how it’s meant to be?

All of the things that you told me
Fly around in my head
It gets easier they tell me
I can’t see that happening
The doubt creeps in
Solemn and cold
One thought burns in my mind
Will I even grow old?

Will the frail bark on the family tree
Be stripped away and plague me?
Will the chemicals realign themselves
And turn me into a shell of my former self?

I know that I need to heal myself
I will heal myself
The only way I know how

And I know I’ll heal myself
I need to mend
And I'll numb the pain again
The only way I know
I just need this pain to end
Although I feel the shiver run down my spine
Your absence struck me harder than I thought it ever would

The only way that I deal
The only way I cope
Is when I feel this liquor
Burn down my fucking throat

You want me to carry on
To go out and make you proud
But the honest answer is
I don’t know how