Final Declaration Testo

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Testo Final Declaration

Wars are waged and bring no end
No victor or defeated
All fleshes burning, worlds in Chaos
Stars dim by the dust

No more dawn and no more dusk
All left in total fear
Bleeding scars, hearts of stone
Compassion is gone

Violence feeds indifference
And slaughters all in sight
Cruel, endless butchery
That leaves none alive

Altars and gods
No more days, no more nights
No more hope and no more lives for all

Only ruins left around us
While ashes smoulder and burn
No mercy nor forgiveness
As the last gasp of hatred
Leaves only dead

Violence feeds indifference
And slaughters all around
Cruel, endless butchery
Old and young destroyed!

No more days and no more nights
All left in total madness
Holy terror, martyrdom
The world we know is gone