Hexenkessel Testo

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Testo Hexenkessel

"Oh Gott... Warum hast Du mich verlassen?! Verdammt seist Du und Deine hilflosen Engel!
Dein Herz ist so kalt wie dieses Land, wo ich nun sterbe. Hoffentlich sehe ich Dich in der Hölle!!!"

Darkness covering all with freezing robe
Piercing cold touches deep hearts and souls
No run, no hide, twisted bodies shaking
Living dead hypnotized by white, silent Death

Frozen Hell calls
Legions marching to the grave
Cry of pain just died
Torn by howl of frosty winds

Iron and fleshes joint in deadly hug
Obsidian shining crystal or blood in the moonlight
Blinking stars and broken crosses
All together praying for the fire-God's arrive

Running shadows in the night
Emotions left behind
Yet full of hope to stay alive
Only strongest may survive

RUN - to live
RUN - no cry
RUN - (from pain
RUN - or die

Oh God... Why have You forsaken me
Damn You and your helpless angels!
Your heart is as cold as this land,
Where I am dying now

Hope to see you in Hell!!!


RUN or die...