The Final Massacre Testo

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Testo The Final Massacre

[Lyrics: Pavel Wasilewski, Music: Peter Wiwczarek]

Warriors with hate inflict destruction
Comes true the final prediction
Still alive corpses lie in the street
Spitting the blood to the god
Dying in flames damned mob
Screaming in pain : This can't be, oh god...
Maybe they will understand that he was never
But will be too late, so DIE FOREVER !!!

Circling in the sky the demons now descends
To raise their slaughter of humans 'till its end
Final massacre of people on the Earth
Pain cracks their minds, everywhere is DEATH

False gods in their temples tremble with fear
They know the Death is now so near
Unearthly Armageddon burns with flames of doom
Poisoned seed flinged into the Virgins womb

Merciless angels fly over heads
There's no time for your imploring pleads
Commit suicides with horror in your eyes
Bleeding with scares pride world now dies...

Different Armageddon realises under our eyes
Death comes down when the time comes for the sunrise
Final massacre winds destroy the Earth
Impaled heads notify that winner is ...THE DEATH !!!