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Testo Tell Me

Featuring Talia Coles

Tell me
If you still care about me
Tell me
If you still care about me

Yo, love - I’m feeling it, game – I’m selling it
We be Marvin and Gaye and tell me to rell in it
We make beautiful music like ain’t no tellin it
I tell you I love you, you don’t give a fuck – celibate
Hah! I can tell you now but play calm
You been around for this long so stay strong
I don’t know why, never matter, you ain’t gone
Then go to a posse, tell er that I’m your baby huh
The decisive, I’mma wife it
Got me and mans checkin prices how to ice it
I’m just sayin, you like mess I don’t like this
No more night shifts, I made enough to be righteous
I respect that, you made it when you call
No answer, I text back, you made your hair blonde
I like it as just black, but forget that
You wanna ride with me? Just buckle up and sit back

Tell me
If you still care about me
Tell me
If you still care about me

Yes, damn, what to do wit you? You’re so beautiful
Very suitable, 6 inch on your Louie shoes
Louis luggage is packed like where you moving to?
I can smell the Chanel soon as you moving through
Drake voice, you special
One needs no nothing, no care’s a great choice
Let me caress you, bless you, get your legs moist
Stare at the chandelier while we try not to make noise
Few days and my heart expand
Sex in the morning, make you late for the bar exam (damn)
As you dance for em, brown pants
Cigar hands, stars in demand, you got a man
(Vado!) And that’s me, Rothstein
Safe deposit, the Rolls Royce is going streams
More deposits ‘cause I don’t argue, I toss things
Jury pearls, fur coats get off me

(Chorus x2)
Tell me
If you still care about me
Tell me
If you still care about me

Uh, I’m getting money dear, we above the law
What you wanna hear? You love me? I love you more
Get it clear, you trust me? I trust you more
Just ask for it, don’t be scared, that’s what a hubby for
For sure, I’m riding to the end
No worries at all, I’m providing you with ends
You think ‘cause medisy keeps lotting with your friends
That Achi, you keep tryin to find the way I been
Like I creep
Not me…