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Testo Fallen

I was the nicest for at least the last six months
Single went dope, got heavy rotation from Funk Flex
and didnt have to ask Stick once
Penned flows that was most quoted
Kept the toast loaded for magazine critics incase the
alleged niggaz ghostwrote it
Spit with the armored fist
And for a list had no escape route from the slums so
round it became an orifice
Now I'm eating good and pushing whips
Problem is, I'm pussy whipped by a bitch that dropped
me same time the label did
Album sells wasn't well, no reach quota
So my foundation which was once mentally and
financially stable slid
Traumas all, was on alchohol plus I done acid
Put every egg into one basket
Now my mind rages cause imposters of label reps
getting gun blasted
Won passed it
Fuck it, one life, one love, one casket
Wound up at the CEO office and blow his flesh of his chest
And left that nigga slumped on his office desk

My mouth wasn't built to handle rejection
(I'm Fallen)
You only fucking with, answer the question
(I'm Fallen)
Fuck trying to reason with logic
Reason with this sixteen shot cartridge holding a
label hostage

How many are dead?
How many gain pieces does he have now?
(two, one woman and one man)
Now here we go again
Another day trying to defend a belief
Time to make friends with the beast
How many guns he got?
Only one's been shot
Let me see his demands
And a copy of the foreplans
Whats the odds of suicidal?
Let's try to get him on the horn
And inform him of my arrival
N-n-n-n-n-no no vest
I'm going in soft
If he's gonna take my head off then he's gotta take my
head off
Now what's his name?
Does he have a family?
What's his background?
Did he pick the place randomly?
Get his girl on the phone
Locate his mom
(Move, move, move people now, now)
We're dealing with a time bomb
And I'mma take it through the front door
Look him in the eyes
See if we can make this grown man cry


[V:] Lets sway my options, and put in perspective my postition
Stop the mission
It's a straight shot to prison without a pot to piss in
Fuck the negotiating, I don't expect for you cops to listen
You probably setting me up to get shot by a
sharpshooter from the SWAT devision
Tell them bitches I won't be that easily overthrown
I know they're listening in on your mobile phone
You don't know my pain, you're probably living like a
king on some noble throne
In the suburbs with a fucking Camero and a mobile home
All I want is my deal back
But the A&R stays put, in turn, I'll give you the intern
[S:] What's the catch
[V:] I want an even bigger deal
No funny shit cause I'm holding the trigger's steel
and I'll drop this bitch faster than Jigga did to Mil
[S:] Alright I hear you
But still it's my responsibility
To guarentee these hostages are walking out of here with me
Your everything is on their safety
[V:] Yo Fuck, that
[S:] Yo, no way around that
We've got the place surrounded
So what's your call kid
Your move, whatchya gonna do?
You've gotta face the truth
(Wait I've gotta face the truth)
Cause the more I toss it all around my head
The more I feel
Everything that you said
Alright so here's the fucking deal
Gimme the intern
Let the A&R burn
And as far as I'm concerned this meeting is adjurned
The woman and I, we're about to walk out that door
Here's a handshake soldier cause we both won the war

[A&R:] Wait, Wait, what are you leaving for its your job
Come back here
[V:] Naw, fuck that
[A&R:] Wait, wait we can think this up now cause-
[V:] Naw, fuck that, fuck you

How can you reason with the brain savagely ripped from it's humane frame
Gave sweat, tears, and slit a main vain
Now I aim flame and squeeze out a vengeance for every
career the industry ruined 4,080 in this fucked up game playing
Open ya mouth foul bitch
Cause now I got this 40-cal-inch *gunshot* for you to tussle
I keep bullets for every artist that signed a loud pitch
Funny sometimes
I fast fake and take a tumultuous twist in life's style switch
I don't know what world beyond this lies
But I can see my future, not just career through Ganda's eyes
Once I let this slug out, I struck out
Nevermind my side of the playing field till I was underneath the dugout
No matters, what could possibly be worse
Unless that somehow the tables was reversed
I know the Jakes is coming and I can't wait to let this heat burst
I'ma kill everybody
And just to prove that I ain't bullshitting
I'ma start with me first [gunshot]