Never Will Be Over Testo

Testo Never Will Be Over


I can't see the light.
I can't feel the sun.
I can hear you breathe.
Now I need you here.
Now I feel the rush.
Now I know that.
I will never stop!
Strofa 1

I want you back now,
I want you know that.
I'll never and never let go this mind.
I know it's wrong, but i miss your face and
You were so different, and so damn right.

Strofa 2

I feel so blind,
I've just one goal.
What I do never seems good enough and What I mean, love
I want to be clear for me this never will be over...


I wanna be the only one who makes your eyes shines
I wanna be the only star under your spotlight!
I wanna be the one who you can desire.