Emotions Are Read Testo

Testo Emotions Are Read

I said im drowning inside from the lies that you hide on and on with a perilous insight open your heart your going to give me everything that i deserve

Lying in bed

He can see you and these thoughts run through his head

He breathes a Conscious coma
With a heart so cold hed miss you

Make in to a bigger issue

Someday you might find him facedown on the bathroom floor

He screams and tries to warn you

Held on to emotions with you

But he might take it further then he ever has before

He can see you

You know he has been holding on so much
He screams hold me wont you hold

Can you see him, you know hes been holding back so much

He screams HOLD ME wont you hold

Like a knife, the one you left in his back

Notice the way

He leaves warning just before you walk away

Now you see him in constant coma

But did you read the issue

Or leave it alone like you do

Now you see him the way his mother never saw before

He screamed and tried to warn you

Held on to emotions with you

But now he took it further then he ever had before