Intermission: Thesis Of Infinite Measure Testo

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Testo Intermission: Thesis Of Infinite Measure

Mindnumbflesh waiting on homecell and lost loves found dealin with scabs
and no one ever lives signin papers and bells are fillin the sky with the schemes from the temperature rises and bats say wondering claps of dying basalt origins touching waving corner of the eyes
blind star legions hiding in cauldrons loving girls.
no. no man, play number 11, play that number 11.... yeeeah.haha.
the scanners are turned off and i got thirty or forty more minutes. relationships in real life are SO hard to handle with friendly friends touching breathing my way sultering on my wavelength. is my phone ringing? old gods dying under shades of anti-gravity we come from the water, we came from the air. pray for good tidings was a thought that kept repeating, but no one could ever find out said they, when will we wake up, and swim into the sounds? swim into the sounds x5