Gates Testo

Testo Gates

When you come back from the sky
Will we be so caught up in our pride
That we'll look up, see you there
Dressed in glory and all, will we care?
And all our moments, and all our lives
Disassembled in front of our eyes
Will I be one fast asleep
With no deeds good enough at the gates

I, I don't know
Oh and I, I don't know

When you come back on that day
When the sky splits in two at the call of your name
Will we see then, what it means
If the path that we've lead is as narrow as it seems
And your bride, is she pure?
To the ones that she's lost who don't care anymore
In your kingdom, are they home?
Who am I to pretend that I really know

I, I don't know
Tell me cause I, I don't know
Oh and I, I don't know
Oh and I, I don't know

From the garden, to the gates
Bowed before you, oh what will you say?
Oh my children, you've only ever known my name
When you come back, are we lost?
Did we miss the whole point all along?
Still wandering in this fog

I, I don't know
Oh I, I don't know