The We And The Me Testo

Testo The We And The Me

I’m feeling my thoughts and I feel your company
but nobody here needs me
Nobody but me you see-
a safe haven, framed, where people don’t burn,
where you feel free to think or simply feel an urge to return

We’re looking for it everywhere- in all that we do
We’re searching for a cause or just a way to get thru
It’s the core of our being, to be in love with life
But squeeze her hand too hard and she will never be your wife

Who fools himself into thinking that he sees it all?
The more I grow the more questions I recall
Conviction is a blessing and a curse in disguise,
a tattoo in the brain sometimes flooding clear eyes

Is there a space for me in the we?
And can I keep on thinking for myself?
Can my thoughts be free?
Can my thoughts be free?

This one is dangerous:
I still doubt justice, and I will til proven wrong
Cant see it in the world but it’s in every other song
I believe in the meaning and the power of thought,

but people keep on fighting
and people always fought
Utopia is misunderstood
Ideals are hazy
Its not the way of the world- natures raw and crazy

but we need the concept to not get comfortable and lazy
“Freedoms just another word for nothing left to loose” right?
Claim you speak truth and act purely on insight

Calling it “salvation”, all I see is a nightlight
Voices and fists and speaking from height
In the name of conviction we all shine bright

Why this continuing excluding manner?
Why the shouting, condemning and aggressive banners?
What do you do with justice- the word?
Ask yourself twice before making your voice heard

Wise- the one who knows he’ll never really know
I make it neon and I try to let it grow slow
You see, I put into the view: could it also mean you may not always know you?
Years in the corner even when the room’s round
Open as a bird but narrow as a bloodhound
Waltz nr 7 in C sharp minor- Opus 64.2
Now go find her

So there’s a me in the we-
And there’s a we in the me-
Freedom under some kind of responsibility
Freedom under some kind of responsibility