Erasing Testo

Testo Erasing

Erasing all our time...

Do you pretend that these people are your friends?
When the room it starts to spin, will the party ever end?
In your troubled head
were you wishing you were dead?
Can you ever make it back to a time when the truth was said?

Now I'll just hold my eyes closed,
and try to go back to sleep.
No one will ever find me
in this ecstasy.

I'll be your enemy if
you turn away.
And now that I'm still alive I'll show you that in this moment, we could change things.

I still pretend that these people are my friends
and the room it always spins, will I ever get away from them?
The chemicals always plan out all my days,
make me think in different ways,
and the message from the mirror states...
Who are you? I didn't reply.

With our eyes closed can we all know the way?

Erasing all our time...