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Testo The Memphis Group

Did I see you there?
Soft psychology
Lounging by the pool
Staring back at me
Do the days add up
Or erase the ones before?
What have I done?
Do some more

Good taste and great hair
You know we're unprepared
To turn it off
Living a lie, lying a lot

Let's live on the sun
New philosophy
Runnin' down the clock
Lap of luxury
Aren't we so unique?
Look at all we've got
With money on our minds
We never need new thoughts

Fine art and great chairs
You know we're unprepared
To give it up
Living a lie, lying a lot

Lying a lot
It's the weight of it all
That is making us fall
Just take it all away
None of it stays
If it's a disaster that they were after
Well, they got it, I hear their laughter
Can't we pay
To make this go away?
Yeah, we don't quite believe it
We're up to our sleeves in it
Promises, IOUs, auction house seizing it
Take it away, ooh-ooh