Blood Cell Seal Testo

Testo Blood Cell Seal

When it all comes together, it just starts making

sense to me. This room is about as empty as it gets,

these walls are getting closer and closer. I'm all

bubbly inside now. We saw each other in that crowd

and you gave me those looks that could kill that
night that I wrote that letter that's still, unbroken

with a blood cell seal. Come on baby lets go. Jump in

the front seat can you drive tonight it seems I'm all

beat but you know that wont happen your touch

under the covers your eyes I'm lost hairs stick up on

the back of my neck and now I've got tunnel vision

cuz this turnpike wont stop, it wont stop with the

lights on the top of this hill. It's a perfect time in a

perfect world the perfect nights with the perfect girl

but I don't want to spend another night without you
in my arms. I wished you were here with me, I

swear the next time I see you I'm gonna tell you

that I'll love you like no one else will. Tonight¡¯s the

night turn out the candled light make me breathe

again thank you for this life were gonna count the

stars and maybe walk in the park tomorrow, then

we'll make out for hours! No I don't want to spend

another night lonely night without you in my arms.