Vermin Testo

Testo Vermin

You crawl around the cellar
In the basement you call life
There's no light in the darkness
Down in this sewer pipe

The drains are over flowing
Outside they you drown
You try to find a way out
But you're too far down
The hidden nation
The unheard

We are the vermin of the world
The under dogs of the human race
The vermin of the world

All of us get wasted
Grinding down so low
Down here in the basement
Where the mushrooms grow

If you ain't got the money
Then you ain't got no choice
Face the ground and grovel
Or stand and use your voice

Got no future, got no faith
I'm the enemy of the state
Watch my life go to waste
Vermin status, vermin hate
Vermin hatred, vermin state

We are the vermin of the world