Werewolves In The City Testo

Testo Werewolves In The City

Fuck the Riverside PD with their helicopters shining light at me, because i'm a biker, but not like Harley-Davidson, but with spandex and the gloves on, all sexy in the lights... police man in the sky, make me shine so bright like a star wth a rocket launcher on my shoulder, a base-holder for some inflictor of criminal intent... every night, they patrol from the sky, looking down from the panopticon eye, mister police, who do you think you are, this city's wardon, or a misplaced star?? werewolves in the city are a big problem, why don't you get out of the sky and stop them from tearing up children, the children in the night?! last night i found a kid's head on my bike!!