Youngblood Testo

Testo Youngblood

Sometimes we're left to uncover the wreckage
At the mercy of another’s decision
He was almost seventeen
Decided life was not worth living
Put a gun to his pain
To finally make it go away
And I hope you know that you're missed
And even though your shell is gone in our hearts you still exist
I just wish you knew how much you meant. To everyone around you. To those you never met
He was too young
Taken by his own hand
No one would understand
Why he ended it all
But now you're gone
You left a hole in the hearts of those who treasured you the most. You may have left your mark but you left us all in the dark
So I'll sing
For the weak
For the broken, those in need
And I'll keep
My heart in reach
Left wide open, set you free
You were loved
I always saw a light in you and a smile on your face. Full of passion, full of purpose, ready to take your place. I guess we'll never understand why you chose to say goodbye, but when a future is as bright as yours, we are left to wonder why
There's so many things I wish I would've said
The flashbacks replay in my head
This song is all that I have because
You're never coming back