Chow Down Testo

Testo Chow Down

[This song is a parody of Westside Connection's "Bow Down"]

Yo, hey man, why don't you go ahead and pass me that steak
You you fat bro, Waistline Connection, we gon' let 'em know
Can I let them know? Pass me that biscuit bro!

This grub is mine, neeya get back!
Don't reach in my plate, you might get smacked
I'm puttin' weight on, I'm a sea-food don
Eating fish out the fish pond
Now my doctor tried give me a plan, diet-taking, c-span
You honor with that man
Fools hold they breath, cause I'm willin' and I'm able
To eat up everything at the buffet table
It's the big boy, the rim appoint that's me in arm-n-joy
And a Snickers and a Twix, jus' some chocolate kicks
Chow down after I make this phonecall
Got Domino's delivery comin' in for y'all
Two pizzas please, fresno freeze, jalapeno squeeze
Tino g's, parmesan cheese
Before any of the homies lose weight, neeya pass me another plate, and

Chow down, when I come to your place
Chow down, when I'm feedin' my face
Chow down, yeah I'll take a seat with you
Chow down, with the crew that wanna eat with you

Well is that beef-eating, never sportied a beanie
The huskiest one in the click
Who wanna see me as I grab my fork and let my belly hang
Waistline Connectang Connectang eat 'em man (Waistline!)
Run away, run away
Before your plate's takin' away by this F, double O, to the D to the S-T-A
Ain't no heart in it, I put it down simple and plain
Which means I can care less about the skinny fools in this game
Stick figures get stuck up, beat up
Keep your chain tucked until you reach the UH
3-0-0 weight limit I'm serious
Kill a Jenny Craig associate, I real with this
Talk the talk, I never walk
Diss my size then I have to saw your whole neck off, neeya
I'm platinum-plate bound is where I'm headed
And yo you bests to show some respect when we start to

[Chorus x2]

Let me tell you something, fast foods make the world go 'round
So if you 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 hundred pounds
You go ahead and get down and take them lil' mickey fickies
And make them chow down
Waistline Connection
This food belongs to US

[Chorus x2]
Chow down, when we come to your place
Chow down, when we feedin' our face
Chow down, yeah we'll take a seat with you
Chow down, with the crew that wanna eat with you