2 Deep Testo

Testo 2 Deep

[feat. Gucci Mane, Wooh Da Kid, YG Hootie, Ice Burgandy, Slim Dunkin, Lil Capp & Frenchie]

[Intro & Chorus:]
GROVE street, BLOOD we two deep
Don't get your ass deep, don't get your ass deep.
GROVE street, BLOOD we two deep
Don't get your ass deep, don't get your ass deep.

[Verse 1: YG Hootie]
Too my nigga in a... bitch nigga mad cause I'm fucking this woman
Get your ass beat put to sleep cause that's b game we too deep
I'm what's poppin on grove street I'm smokin kush it feel like byrum
Fuck out my way I stay poppin if he hatin ain't YG take my G so I...
Touch for... guns ring out like a harmony
One for two three for four... the best I think so, she think so, we so on
Beat your ass like I'm mike tyson that's my type can't lie that's my life.

[Verse 2: Papa Smurf]
Prime red flag I'm a figure role nigga, they don't know what it's...
Just like my croll nigga, fuck a job, did that shit over the stove nigga
Smell the blow on my mothafucking clothes nigga
Grind all day party all night, canary yellow diamonds, ferrari all white
They say that boy a killer to me he alright
That nigga ain't got it all Shit we just alike


[Verse 3: Slim Dunkin]
I ain't no vegetarian, bitch I like the beef
Put your lips on the curve make you bite the street cut yo fuckin ankles off
If like to see, put your ass on the mug like some nike cleats
Quit actin 'fore I put you in the trunk dummy
Better break fast 'fore I take yo lunch money
You had a good show them goons had to clap ya
I ain't want yo bitch she got an attitude

[Verse 4: Lil Capp]
See I came to the club on that bullshit
My partna outside with a full clip
... you don't wanna fight
'Cause after we beat yo azz yo gon lose yo life
So let that shit go pussy tuck that pride in
And when your niggas sleeping my nigga ridin
Grove st killers my nigga ridin
The choppa hangin on my shoulder like a violin


[Verse 5: Gucci Mane]
Brick squad so deep is a privilege to speak
All my fans say what's up and my local meet & greets
Living reppard fuck it rugged cold name mothafuck it two bloods and a blunket '78 cutless
Monster, monsters Gucci mane's a monstar
DTG is the title of my young star
The man of the south you can call em hellron
1017 brick boys made some lepchrons

[Verse 6: Frenchie]
F.R. are you... cussin out by you
Free niggas in the back of a G ride
That's how we ride I'm a a threat on the east side
Like panth up with no peace sign bitch I'm bustin at em look how fast I reach mine
The only thing hanging is the pants on you
Knock you out u swear I had ciara's feet dancing on you
All my niggas trained to go strapped from straight from head to toe
Play a stunt man and I put shawty lo


[Verse 7: Ice Burgandy]
Blood tell you where you from west side inglewood
Don't tell em your name ice burgandy is tha name
I be in the hood, I've been hanging out my pocket like I'm hit squad
My flag dark red like a brick wall
Inglewood avenue my party is like grove street, I'm young and respected like an og
I ain't scared to shit look up in my eyes I push kaliana like in 1995

[Verse 8: Wooh Da Kid]
First rule never ride if that nigga snitching
Dey gon find him in a lake while dem boys fishin
You're just a pono wooh da king play yo position
Hole jus too big ain't no need for stitchin'
K I N G he super straight
Taliban hit squad bustin on a grove
Come and holla at the king I've king of souls