Let Dem Guns Blam Testo

Testo Let Dem Guns Blam

Fuck ‘em, fuck!
I’m too dry, I’m too hot for that… shit
Came to the club, yeah, I’m on that … shit!
Let ‘em things blam, let ‘em things blam
Let ‘em things blam, let ‘em things blam
…let ‘em things blam, let ‘em things blam
My chopper filled up, let ‘em things blam
…got extendos, let ‘em things blam
Often with the.. full of young niggers
Ain’t no ogs, just some young niggers!
Damn, bang it! sell ‘em weed
Shooters, it’s some ecstasy!
Dumble more, dumble crazy, most have lost their mind
Whole clique strapped up one time.
..hey my nigger, I’m on my grind
Afraid of the dark, so I … the shine.
Let em guns blam, bitch, you know I am
I might go kinda jezy… it’s the summer of…
Let em guns blam, Flocka
Let em guns blam, Flocka
Let em guns blam, Flocka
Friends turned to enemies, enemies turned to friends
Each are like some busy bees, kill you and your best friends.
Let em guns blam, bow
Let em guns blam, bow
Let em guns blam, bow
Let em guns blam, bow
To tired up in my block
Middle finger to the .. fucking cop
Real niggers till my hart stop
They can’t make your body rock.

Won’t stop ’till I see it by the..
Fuck right here by the..
Leave my .. all the talk
I’m about to..
My young niggers, a lot of…
One beep, no talking, shout it, that’s a…
Live with no regret, …
A nigger want me dead, got too much … on my head, got too much respect.
Flocka, dignity! while you’re hating on me I’m making history
Walka on… while shitting me
Throw money on the bitch, ain’t shit to me!


My friends turn in my enemies, my enemies turn friends
Ain’t no talking about no pills nigger, we slaughter around with these…
..fitting rhymes in this mac
I put a price on your head and they won’t…
You niggers ain’t told no straps
Yo niggers don’t want no whore
Yo niggers don’t want my…
Came around by your front door.
But that ..shit, cause you pop shit
..like you got shit
Had my niggers in your crib
You run around like you got…
Hold niggers down cause they switch side
You dumb shit when they get high
Cross me, it won’t get by
Try to play it cool, and you get fried.
No real niggers on this side
Niggers shoot like… do
Every nigger that’s around me get real money and…