No Lie Testo

Testo No Lie

No lie, yeah

[Verse 1]
No lie, I be high as hell every interview
Fuck your bitch for an hour, call that shit an interlude
No lie, I really plugged in with them intertubes
You the type to talk before the judge even sentence you

No lie, no lie, no lie
Bitches yellin' like I'm Ne-Yo
No lie, this fifty [?]
[?] boosts my ego
[?] shout out to my Migos
No lie, no lie, no lie
We in this bitch
No lie, no lie, no lie
We in this bitch
No lie, all the money I spent
No lie, we in this bitch
No lie, no lie, no lie
We in this bitch
No lie

[Verse 2]
Your bitch basic but you screaming foreign
You an't neer do that shit you talkin'
All that [?] that shit ain't yours
Boy that jewelry fake, what the fuck that costs
No lie, no lie, all these niggas tell is lies
You ain't trappin', you just rappin'
Can't [?] to a mansion
That designer ain't on your back
Boy you [?]
No lie, no lie, i'm too rich why lie
Fuck hm, watch his momma cry
Suit and tie
I'm buying China work, every ounce of mine
Quick to say you got my back, same nigga that testify
Quick to say you gon' shoot for me, same nigga scared to ride


[Verse 3]
You gon' lose your life I squeeze this

L been shootin' since [?]
Same dirty nigga, where the fuck [?]
You really got money show me but you can't
He claim rich he really broke
She wanna drink, she wanna smoke
I tell no lies, you know it's sold
[?] like stupid slow [?] stupid low
No lie, no lie
You run up, you gon' die
You say you got it in the trap [?] you a lie, you a lie
Get televised
Talkin' hard you terrified
The chopsticks on me terrorize
It ain't hard to verify
Fuck with Flocka get paralyzed