Twerk Testo

Testo Twerk

Fuck the lock out
Game is on
Please be clear this is an invasion

Gangsta grill shit bastard

[Verse 1: French Montana]
Another day, drink, smoke, just another episode
Everything you witness been the realest shit you ever saw
Know a couple niggas that be down for that 25
Know a couple bad bitches down to let the homies ride
Redbone Maserati, two tones, riding shotty
I'll be low key like cheap coke, told that snow man: ski slopes
Stuntin' on them niggas, let the haters watch
Black tee, black sneaks, black feel me watchin
Ridin' home team, fuck the other side
Southside on the beat, suicide

[Hook: x2]
I got diamonds on my neck hammers on my hip
Grams up on the stove, need another lick
Money on my mind, your bitch up on my line
I don't want that ho, bitch I'm on my grind

[Verse 2: Waka Flocka Flame]
I thank the Lord for everything God gotten given me, life again when a nigga got shot
I've seen a lot of niggas give their life to that glass pot
Thank Lord for the clock [?]
The blocks, the rocks, the weed, the licks
Shawty, motherfuck a cop
So much pain in me, you gonna find your body stinkin' tryin' to get a name off me
Bang, bang, homie
I stay Flame, homie, middle finger fuck you
They say I changed homie, drugs runnin' all through my brain
They say my mind poisoned (so?), who wanna catch the venom

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Slim Dunkin]
I got diamonds on my neck, real niggas next to me
Looked up to Heaven, told mama say a prayer for me
You either real or you ain't, ain't no in between
Missed me with that shit, I can't catch a dream
I'm about that action nigga, missed me with that actin' nigga
On the pistol, we be mashin' niggas
Fuck these rap niggas, tell 'em knuckle up
We can take it to street, I'm a fuck 'em up
Tell 'em buckle up, blastin' off to Mars
All we blow is gas, we smokin' race cars
Certified hood nigga, check my face scar
Don't split my team up, we in space bars

[Hook x2]