Phoebe Cates Testo

Testo Phoebe Cates

I remember seeing you wade from the water
in the summer when we set fire
to the things we've been
i swear your skin was the reason god made eyes
and so i snuck away that night to the city
in your arms i came to life

and while you danced with me with the jukebox played
became the soundtrack of our lives
flat broke but my money's on you
my moneys on you
just like it always was x2

when the autumn came your dad moved away
and he left you with your mom
and when you got the news i was there with you
we cried on my front lawn
and so i swore i'd never do the same
no matter what life put's us through
we said young love is the best love
cause it's the only one that's true

Chorus again

My moneys on
Your love
Your loveeeeeeeeee
Flat broke but my moneys on your love
your loveeeeeeeee

in the winter we shiver
by the frozen river
but your eyes never lost their glow
and made me not just wanna be a good man
made me wanna be the best you know
and made me wanna put my money on you
im flat broke but my moneys on you x2
flat broke but my moneys on your love
your loveeeeeeeee X 2