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Testo Guitar Romantic Search Adventure

Speaking virtually and constantly waiting
Is there something you're really saying?
Will I ever get to know?
Wait until the dawn to respond next
Look away but I can't help to check if your character rate grows

Acting like we don't already know that new pocket music box can show we've already fired the gun
Listening to "I'm a Pretender" on repeat
Wonder if you knew that it'd all seem to take the words right off my tongue
My life's going by but it's just begun

Sharing all the things we loved when we grew up
Memorizing things that you knew of
You can make all mine your own
Making plans for both of us to go on a Guitar Romantic search adventure
Will we ever get to go?

I hope we can sometime
Wish we could cancel time
Or let it all fly by
Just tell me that it's over now
I'm way too in my head
I try not to punch it red
Could you hold it instead and tell me that it's over now?
I look forward to a little me and you
So now I hope that you don't tell me that it's over