Remember When Testo

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Testo Remember When

Thought I saw your shadow under the door
Just a trick of the light I've seen before
I can never tell what's real anymore
Anymore, anymore

I remember when we ran from the pool
All the decorations up in your room
And I couldn't find the right words to use
But I knew that you knew
It seems so long, it seems so long
The moments that stay, they turn out all wrong
When I look around, you're gone

Ohh, oh, oh
Ohh, oh, oh

All the places that we turn to
All the faces that remind you

I can still see you at the place out there when I close my eyes
Do you remember when we felt like the only two alive?
Don't let me be one of the people at sea, get lost, nomads
Would you rewind, do it all over again? Give it a chance

Ohh, oh, oh
Ohh, oh, oh
Ohh, oh, oh
Ohh, oh, oh