Indecent Testo

Testo Indecent

"Can I get a little piece of your day?
I could stop by your work"
She said "nah, I heard about you."
"hold the phonethe phone a minute, what did you hear?"
She said "it's not a big deal."
I said "nah, now you got to tell me what you heard bout me.
Word gettin round bout me.
tricklin down to the streets about me.
read in magazines about me,"
I laughed, "haha, haha, haha, you killin me, you always do.
Would I lie to you? baby girl don't front,
I know what you what you need.
and I'm right down the street."
She said, "no my boyfriend will be back soon,"
"That's no problem, he can watch if he wants to,
I could show him some moves, girl come on!"
call me on your cellular phone, i'm indecent.
call me when there's nobody home, i'm impatient and so indecent.