Syntax Error Testo

Testo Syntax Error

Are you ready now to penetrate the trendy new race?
They don't need you here anymore to show your old face
It's the death of old technique from the early days
When the thing was only to bomb the bass

Where ever you will go you will go with the net
You can go fishing with your passion and threat
The choice is yours and yours is the choice
But what'll be caught in the net is a hype for your voice
This is it: The New Masterplan
I am The Rising Modern Man

I say: Hey, computer liberation!

The next generation is this generation
We set up new rules, the new mental stations
We're much more powerful than The United Nations
With million new visions split to a million divisions

You can go to Africa without leaving home
You can climb to the tower of Cologne Dome
The choices are endless, it's easy to sink
'cause everything you find is the missing link

Now you can set your own masterplan,
Become a god or a voodoo man


Now you can become bigger than God
But can your mind still grow too big or odd?
You can fail if you don't honour a real handwork
Sadly, poverty follows everywhere
Erase the races and face the fate... or should we still then delete the plan?

Is it... hey... then real Computer Liberation?
Or is it... hey... just a Mass Manipulation!?

War dimension... wall?