Lovin' Is Alright Testo

Testo Lovin' Is Alright

Honey, your ways suck me dry

There is nowhere to hide

Well, I thought just as a friend of mine

you'd make it better

Thought of living a lie
Honey, your love makes me high

sweet words and love

makes me cry

When I take you out on a Sunday

evening to watch the birds in the sky

That makes me feelin' so fine

I'm making you sigh

You're making me cry

There's no wondering why


Lovin' is alright

Lovin' is all wrong

Lovin' is what's keeping us together

Lovin' is forever

Lovin' as you're weak

Lovin' when you're strong

Lovin' is forever

Honey, you've been quiet all day 2 x

What do you want me to say

What's been on your mind for a million

hours now, baby

You think it's better that way

Think I want you to cry

Think our love is a lie

Then don't tell me why


Loneliness is no friend of mine,

it's wrong to sacrifice the feeling

that's been going on for so long

So, let's not break it up

let's kiss and make it up now