I Can't Help It Testo

Testo I Can't Help It

Grrah-grrah, boom
Grrah, I'm really a 'ooter (I can't help but—)
And this beat from Cash, not from Youtube
I can't help but—

I can't help it
Needy niggas, I swear they ain't help shit
Glock by the belt, catch the opp, he get dealt with
On hots with the rip, tryna melt shit
Damn hot, he get hit with some hot shit
With his boo, she get bopped and do thot shit
Watch her drop it, and you know that I told her don't stop it, pop it
We see the opps, gotta flock it
That boy dissin' he talkin' on nonsense
We tryna blitz, take a Y off the opp list
Yeah I'm lit, I'm still totin' a knocker, like, no I can't let up

Like, damn
I can't help that my shooters not free
Gotta step for thе bell or slide for the V
And my Trеndy raise hell, know we do it for P
I'ma slide for myself, not gon' do it for me
Fuck help from the wolves, take a risk for the team
Glock hold a shhh, fell in love with the beam
Like, new opp, oh now he get steamed
Got the new chop', now we all 'bout to steam
Sit the ways on em
And B Lovee in the cut, yellin', "O's gettin' shot if they play with him"
What they say to them?
Know Wan Billy the 'ooter, I pop out the cut, now that's dangerous

Thats on bro, I'ma blow, I be anxious
I can't fall for no hoe now, I'm famous
Can't be fucked with, I'm feelin' like Baby
Shit got tact', had to tuck the .380
Pour a deuce in my Faygo, got me feelin' wavy
Know a opp that got hit, now he lazy
Please don't fuck up my mood, I get crazy
Get to boomin', this shit got no safety
Niggas actin', I swear that I'm not
He got boomed tryna save him a thot
I get active, just go ask the opps
This shit'll get tragic, you with it or not?
Better boom, better duck
If he trip then that boy outta luck
Chase him down like I play for the Bucks
Amiri the denims, the pockets be stuffed
That's enough
Think it's sweet, man this shit'll get tough
Think he Balmain just watch him get touched
I depend on no man 'cause I know that I'm clutch
Let him run
.30 and better, that's enough
He get hit from the neck up, make him hush
Demons with me, you know that they anxious
She act naughty, she want me to spank it
A lot in my clip but I ain't tryna waste it
Bend through the back now the chop' tryna frame shit
Cuzzy with me, I can't really tame him
Spot a opp, chase him down, tryna flame him

Rearranged him, couple opps that got shot, can't name 'em
See I caught a blizzy, he creep through the bap
Put a hole in his back, tryna Dame 'em
It's aight, niggas wanna be famous
Know I'm neighborhood Crip and I'm sanctioned
Hoodstar [Rey?], catch a hit when they claim us
None of my hittas work dayshifts

Grrah, grrah, grrah-grrah
I can't help but—