On The Run Testo

Testo On The Run

When I grew up
Way up north on that clay dirt
Under that red sun
My dad told me, "Listen here, boy
Life ain't always gonna be even"

Now I live my life on the run
Hand on my head, one on the gun
Mama said, "What happened to you, my son?
Why you always on the run?"

Mama, take a seat
Lean back a-while I pour us a drink
Father, where you been?
God above knows of all our sins

Now I live my life on the run
Hand on the clip, one on the gun
Did you miss me enough to drink?
Drink enough to miss your only son

Mama, I'm sorry
For what that man has done to you
Father, this is it
God above knows what you did

Lord, forgive mе
For all the sin I must commit

Now I'm done livin' on the run
Hands on my hеad, smoke from my gun

Now I smell like blood and death alike
And Jesus Christ
Comin' after me in the
Darkest of nights
So give your loved ones
A kiss goodnight