The Running Man Testo

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Testo The Running Man

[Judah to Jesse] Do you know the ones you lost
You know, the ones you saved

[Jesse to Judah] Look in my eyes cause somehow you
You don't realize what I made

[Judah to Jesse] You can't run away from me
Don't deny your blind believers
And hide your Devil's keeper
[Jesse to Take your love away from me
Disciples] Cause I will blind your heathen reason
And ride us on your broken wings for love

[Judah to Jesse] True we are disciples lost
You know the promise you made
Look in my eyes and tell me why
You realize the price that you'll pay?

[Jesse] # 9, # 9, # 9
I'm still inside of
The 9 asylums
Am I Messiah?

[Judah to Jesse] You're the only God they know

What are you running from
Wasn't this enough
Aren't you satisfied?
They're all at your feet
The Lord to sheep
Oh, are you sanctified?