Big Bricks Daddy Testo

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Testo Big Bricks Daddy

When you make the music
You got to be real
And it probably feels stronger than solid steel
Stronger than doses of gamma rays
If you wanna take it the Bruce Banner way
Stronger than tsunami winds
Marine and Army men
Take the 300 from Spartan times ten
Stronger than takin’ some Jamaica rum
That’s way over proof
To make you know the truth
About the message in the music
We express it when we use it
Somethin’ to alleviate the stress for a minute
If just for a minute
To make you feel good
You wanna feel good
It’s fine with me
There's something different things it’s designed to be
Just set aside what may trouble you
Feel the power in the music from KW

People around the world
You say you want some change
So much anger all around
Are we the ones to blame
Our words cut like a knife
Words cut like a knife
Seldom do we think
Think before we speak
So much distrust
So much disbelief
What happened to my brother
Watching over me
But then I see that there's the power of music
Speaks louder than words
The power of music
You hear it all around the world
The power of music
It’s fueling the soul
Hear it and know
Hey that's the power of music

The suits just keep on talking
Change is on the way
But they don't speak to me now
With anything they say
My melody it helps me keep my sanity
Keep my sanity
We got a common thread now
The words are in the songs
When everybody sings
We know that we belong
It’s a living legacy
Here for you and me
Set it free
That's the power of music
Speaks louder than words
The power of music
Heard all around the world
The power of music
It’s fueling my soul
You hear it and know
You got the power of music

I wanna hear it now
I wanna sing it
I wanna live it
That's my song
Hey it’s where I belong
That's my music
And I got the power
Sing it strong now
We got the power
The power of music
Play the melody