Incarcerated Testo

Testo Incarcerated

XRaided takes it sicc day by day
California trying to send my ass to pelican bay fool
had a story to tell and he told it
had a song to sing and he sung and your boy got time
Railroaded like amtrak young niggas stress death
and dont nobody got my damn back
and when you star warring even skywalker was a snithch
so call me han solo would say im rollin up in this bitch
and just me myself and I aint no way in hell xraided let xraided die
thats why I keep my back against the wall cops and ya'll watching me
waitin to see if gunna fall, nah im always on mah tippy toes
stayin sucka free busta a dick n aint fukn with you nasty hoes
murder in tha first degree with premeditated this shit is fucked up
and im incarcerated.

Trying to keep my head up living do or die
my momma says shes fed up and late at nite she cries
I got all the odds against me somebody tell me why sitting
in the penitentary trying to survive.