That's How My Trigga Went Testo

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Testo That's How My Trigga Went

(feat. Brotha Lynch Hung, Triple-6 Bounty)

[Brotha Lynch Hung]
A nine in my mothafucking guts, so cold
(...My nine is easy to load...)
So I keep the mothafucka on safe
Cause a nine in your dick ain't safe
Rolling up in a devil rag Caprice
Triple-6 the Bounty got the clip to my piece
Roasted dark meat tonite we gonna feast
Load'em up, Nigga Deep on a creep, boom, boom
Let'em see what's up, the Brotha Lynch
Straight using my life broke
All I see is devils and gun smoke
But they wanna be heaven sent
Boom and that's how my trigga went
Gotta fix that crack
Mama gotta grave, nigga shit like that
Put a nigga aching, having fits like that
Guns on safe but it clicks right back
(...Going out on a mothafucka like that...)
Now I'm dead...

[Brotha Lynch Hung]
The nigga with the mothafucking sickness
Cut ya pussy with a razor blade, bitch
Come sit on my face, bleed all over my face
Get up, now let me nut in ya face
Nothing but the atheist talking that crazy shit
Something like the triple-six sickness
Bitch, ya betta be used to be a bitch
Ya betta be used to me when I picture six six six
I'm layin' on my bed like a grave
Praying I'n not that way, I'm like this:
Put ya wound on my lips
The Brotha Lynch biting to the skin rips
X-rated flicks, nothing but the Brotha Lynch sickness, bitch
Fuck him if ya nigga wanna talk some shit
Punk mothafucka [Gunshot]
I'm the mothafucking Brotha Lynch...
(...Going out...)
Loadin'em up!
(...on a mothafucka...)
Blowin'em up!
( that...)
Nigga, I'm sick of this shit
Bitch, open ya legs for this
Now guess where my trigga went...

[Triple-6 Bounty]
Triple-6 mothafucking Bounty fiending to eat this mothafucking mob
So there is it, nigga...So I'ma kick this shit for ya...

Give it up for the Endangered
And that's how my nigga went
Rough, so fucking rough, my nigga's trigga went rip gut
So fucking what?
My nigga Lynch ain't the nigga you thought he was, bitch
Catch a bullet of Lynch Hung
Or the swing of a left foot's swang
By the fool who speaks in Devil tongue
That's how that nigga went
Plus that how my trigga went
Would ya figure by now?
You mothafuckas consider him insane
The Baby Killa's already dead
Boom, boom, filling the lead in a baby's head
Skitzo, my nigga went buckwild
Hah haaaa...
(...God bless ya child...)