The Bliar And The Blood Testo

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Testo The Bliar And The Blood

9/11 gave the reason that you needed
you backed up bush, against afghanistan
and when it came to iraq, you set yourself as macbeth
and doomed half a million children to death
they were too young to know they were iraqi’s
but tony didn’t care, not one bit
you were thinking of the riches that were coming
and making sure that you got your share of it

there’s blood on your hands, but you don’t mind it
the fact is that, you don’t have a care,
it’s money that you need, if you are to succeed
to build your family into a dynasty
hypocrisy’s a price you’ll pay gladly
it doesn’t cost a dollar or a pound
like the money from the bank of england
it just keeps going round and around

dr kelly was collateral damage
in the fog of war, then going on
the files have been locked up forever
to cover up what had been done
we’re working hard to get you to strasburg
to the international criminal court
to answer for the crimes you did, in office
taking britain to an illegal war

if you think that all your money can protect you
just think back to libya’s gadhaffi
he had fabulous wealth, but was hit be-low the belt
when he mis-took your smile as friendly
when you embraced him, your eyes took on a sparkle
at the thought of the riches, oh, so near
the colonel was doomed and his country consumed
when he accepted just one embrace from you

the legacy …..that you have left your children
really doesn’t bear thinking about
looking over their shoulders forever
wondering when the vengeance will come about
afghan’s have no possessions or money
family is their greatest value
when you kill one of them, they may come back for ten
they’re in no hurry, so what can you do

one day someone may come alongside you
and give you such a radiant smile
they’re off to paradise to meet some virgins
while you’ll be going to hell for quite a while (stop)