I'll Be There Testo

Testo I'll Be There

I'll be there
xir a-ljun
i'm loving with you
but now, something's gonna change
alright, yeah
there will be a day
that i can be imagine, how we used to be
you and me, we're always on the game we play
both of us, life make us to be happy
never gonna be regret
never gonna be insane
we never feel the pain
nor who to be the blame
and you promise, that you never gonna be change
you will stay the same
i swear to you, everyday is my date
and i feel the love of my heartbeat
and i will never gonna leave it
eventhough, how you make my life so shit
i'm recalling the days how we come so far
i'm counting the memories
now the ending is war
all the good things we're said is in vain
blessings lost in life becomes my mind so drain
how to solve this problem
how to cure the pain
you will never come me in
seek and tired just to leave you
how this relationship broken into
this is the time
love makes not fine
just always bare in my mind
no matter what it is
that i'll be there
cuz, i'll be there
with you...
ve-ve-verese 2
i'm talking 'bout you
girl, are you listenin'
let your ear opened it for hearin'
let your fuckin' pride, calm you in
give me time to say a word
that i must be spoken
and i must show my feelin's
cuz i'm not a prisoner, who felt guilt in
some people look and talk about you
i don't care how you connected to
there just jealous and insecure
cuz i'm so pure
more than a things of having me and you
i'll show my cares
the hug so dares
we kissin' everywhere
nothing us can compare
let's back together into love
let's fly so high like a dove
and let put god first, high and above
never gonna be so mad, never think it's so bad
i'll give you everything more than a world
and less than the award, yeah
(repeat chorus)
i will be there
(repeat chorus)
chorus 2:
i will never leave you
i promise to love you
forever and a day
i'll sit beside you here
(repeat 2x)
that i'll be there
cuz i'll be there